About GTOnLand

Utilising over 100 years combined experience within the remote communications industry, GTOnLand has developed communication solutions for a range of land based industries. These include oil, gas, military, government and mining.

Our solutions allow businesses to monitor and control functions and data from a central point, no matter how remote the location.

Our Solution

The Pipeline monitoring and control solution will consist of the following:

Monitoring and control hardware including:

  • Enclosure
  • UPS with charging input range
  • PLC with integrated Satellite unit (Inmarsat BGAN M2M/Iridium SBD)
  • HMI for onsite management
Data Management:

  • All information will be handled by GTOnLand between the onsite equipment and the Customer SCADA/ information system


  • The solution will require bespoke engineering with regards to the programming of the monitoring/control system for every station monitored.
  • GTOnLand will assist with the design and delivering of the total solution to ensure seamless integration between equipment and Client systems.